TechVENT® Pro

 TechVENT® Pro provides roof insulation under shingles or other roofing and a standard 1” airspace made with wood spacers that ventilates in all directions to cool roof in summer, retards ice dams in winter. Made with polyiso foam (XPS optional), solid wood spacers and APA/TECO rated OSB or Plywood. Fully machined panel features T & G foam edges for minimal heat loss

TechWALL® Pro

 TechWALL® Pro is a composite wall insulation panel with high R-Value XPS foam (polyiso foam optional) bonded to a 7/16” OSB nailing surface. TechWALL®Pro gives you the option of much greater insulation value than a stud wall can hold and can be used in both new construction and remodeling—without modification of the inside of the home. The OSB nailing surface is used to attach siding of all types.

TechBASE® Pro

 TechBASE® Pro Provides roof insulation where ventilation is not required, often under metal roofing. TechBASE®Pro is made with Polyiso foam (XPS foam optional) bonded to APA/TECO rated OSB or Plywood. Thickness to 8”/R-values to 45. Fully machined panels feature T & G foam edges for minimal heat loss and guaranteed squareness. Easy-fit panels save time on the job site.


Vaulted and Cathedral Ceilings

TechVENT® Pro (for shingles, slate or tile) and TechBASE® Pro (metal roofing) are ideal for use in a vaulted ceiling application. The problem of adequately insulating a vaulted ceiling is solved with our externally attaching roof insulation panels.

Historical Restorations

Older buildings lacking adequate insulation are ideal candidates for Kurt roof and wall insulation panels. Historic homes, schools, municipal buildings, museums and numerous local, state and Federal structures have benefited from nailbase roof and wall panels designed into the restoration process.


Post and Beam, Glue Lam Designs

Post and beam or glue lam beamed buildings often have a planked wood ceiling deck. This wood deck is ideal for attachment of TechBASE® Pro or TechVENT® Pro. Often external insulation panels are the only way to insulate this type of roof construction.


Sealed Attic Space Designs

Anything from a home to a school to a military complex that is designed with a sealed attic space needs Kurt insulation panels to condition that space. Conditioned attics can be used to safely house mechanical, fire suppression, and other temperature sensitive equipment-or create a home living space.


New Construction and Re-roofing

Designing TechVENT® Pro and TechWALL® Pro into your new construction project assures energy efficiency.   The efficiency of Kurt roof and wall insulation panels can also be retrofit to your existing building without disturbing the interior structure.


External Wall Insulation

TechWALL® Pro is a composite external wall insulation panel with a 7/16” OSB nailing surface for siding attachment. TechWALL®Pro helps you meet the new continuous insulation building codes and reduces thermal bridging from the studs.  Tongue and Groove foam (8’ dimension) reduces heat loss at the joints.  Can be fastened to studs/sheathing, metal or concrete wall structures.