TechVENT Vented Roof Insulation

TechVENT® is a composite external insulation panel that combines high R-value polyiso foam, a 1" vent space made by a pattern of solid wood spacer blocks, and 7/16" OSB top sheathing to mount roof coverings such as shingles or metal roofing.


How it works

TechVENT panels are attached to your structural roof deck with self-drilling SIP Fasteners (see your dealer for details) in a specific fastener pattern (ask for Installation Instructions at the building materials desk). Note that your structural roof deck can be OSB/plywood, wood decking, or metal roof deck. It is not necessary to fasten directly to trusses, only the roof deck itself. Do not attempt to attach this product directly to trusses. This is not a structural, spanning product and must attach to your structural roof deck. Your choice of shingles and appropriate underlayment are attached to the top sheathing.

TechVENT provides insulation for your roof as well as ventilation. Air intake is through the soffit vent area, and air exits through the ridge vent. Convection makes the air exchange process work. In summer sheathing and shingle temperatures can drop up to 20F compared to an unventilated roof. In winter, the roof surface stays cold retarding ice dam formation. TechVENT satisfies the ventilation requirement in shingle warranties.

Independent studies have shown energy savings of 20% or more when compared with an equivalent home using traditional attic blown in or batt insulation. If a higher R-value is desired, add a second foam layer purchased from your dealer. Place the layer of foam at the bottom and place the layer of TechVENT on top. Fasten through both the insulation panel and the foam layer into the structural roof deck.


  • Largest vent space available— 10 sq. in/ft at 1.0” intake

  • Most net free area for ventilation in the panel—greater than 92%

  • Solid wood spacer blocks—27 per panel

  • Spacer blocks no more than 12” apart in any direction—no deflection

  • Air flows in all directions over 86% upslope and over 50% cross ventilation

  • Fully machined panel guarantees squareness

  • Saves time on the jobsite with easy fit panels

  • Pre-cut wood edges create necessary expansion gap perfectly

  • No need for h-clips or spacers to give proper sheathing spacing for expansion

  • Vaulted And Cathedral Ceilings

  • Sealed Attic Space Designs 

  • New Construction And Reroofing 

  • Historical Restorations 

  • Post And Beam, Glue Lam Designs

Architectural Details

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